Strategic analysis and execution planning is a critical element for any type of mobile media buy, mobile presence or application build. The team at Synap Media will help you to define the size, scope and needs of the mobile consumers in your audience.

The building blocks of your mobile strategy are the types of mobile devices that your audience uses, their propensity to download applications, and the frequency of brand-type interaction that they produce.

Discovering and synthesizing this information is simplified with Synap Media.
Our strategic analysis consists of comprehensive reports, big-data mobile traffic analysis, round-tables with internal stakeholders, InfoSec and compliance evaluations and an over-arching focus on your budget and timeline. Our team also builds strategy roadmaps post-analysis to recommend a clear sequence of mobile releases and application builds.

Mobile strategic analysis offers expert insight into the mobile terrain and media purchasing as it pertains directly to your goals and requirements, it is mobile personalized for your brand.